“It was necessary”

It’s Monday, a school day. And the weight on your shoulders is lighter than the weight in your heart. The sombre mood is reflected on your face for everyone to see. But no one notices, no one even knows what happened. Separate threads of lives that do not intertwine and cross over enough for anyone to care.

You walk into the school grounds, wondering if your friends would notice anything. They do, eventually. And they care. They do care even if you have chosen to sit somewhere where they are not for your shared breaks. It comes in the form of a text and you can’t lie. Can’t lie about what’s really bothering you. Can’t lie about everything being ‘okay’.

So you say you aren’t, but you will be. Eventually. Your best friend, she asks why. And you tell her that it was necessary. It was unhealthy. It had to be done. She doesn’t question you. Just tells you to feel better and that we’ll all go out to movies and dinners. It makes you smile a little, to know that you’re not alone.

The two of you go out for dessert after school. And it’s fun. The most fun you’ve had since the beginning of the end. It feels wonderful to be able to laugh again. And to think, you were carrying the world on your shoulders at the start of the day. The pain lingers only when you think about it, kinda like poking a wound. But otherwise, you hardly feel it, thanks to the distractions that your best friend has provided.

You laugh together. It feels right. And you know, that everything will be okay soon.

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