The Prince and the Pea: 4

For someone who looked so sick, he sure could keep up with Mikiyo. Mikiyo tried to lose Kael countless times but failed every single attempt. Somehow, he ended up in the courtyard with Prince Kael, awkwardly standing there unsure what to do. He had his katana with him and managed to find a dried branch light enough to serve as a training sword for Kael. And now, they were standing there in awkward silence. It was so awkward and Mikiyo had thought of the word awkward so many times in his head that it was no longer starting to sound like a word to him anymore.

“Um, let’s, uh, start. I guess?” Mikiyo said uncertainly. This was so weird. “You have to hold the hilt like this,” he said and awkwardly went to show the Prince how to hold the branch.

Kael was floating. He felt like he was floating. He could see fine but it was like his brain was disconnected. The Omega was standing there looking awkwardly at him as he held a tree branch. Why was he holding a tree branch? Maybe that’s why the Omega was looking at him awkwardly. He could smell the thick fumes of discomfort rolling off the Omega. So he said something that appealed to most omegas. Kael wasn’t quite sure what he said, it might have something to do with an orphanage? Well, whatever it was made the Omega look so relieved that even Kael could feel it.

If Prince Kael hadn’t suggested they visit the royal orphanage instead, Mikiyo would probably just stand there staring at him. Thank god he suggested an orphanage because children were way more in his league than teaching a prince how to use an Oriental sword.

They made their way to the section of the castle that contained the royal orphanage and Mikiyo nearly sighed in relief at the calming smell of children. Rushing ahead, he went and found a group of children playing in a courtyard that had been converted to a playground. Grinning happily, Mikiyo introduced himself to the children who had stopped to stare wide-eyed at the newcomer with a katana. One of the children, a little girl, stepped forward.

“Why do you have a sword?” she asked boldly.

“To protect myself from bad guys.” Mikiyo said smiling, happy to see the children.

“Are you one of the omegas that keep coming to see if Prince Kael wants to marry you then?”

Mikiyo’s eyes widened at the bold question and laughed. The girl looked affronted. “Have all the other Omegas before me come here as well then?” he asked, still grinning.

“Yes, but most of them only act like they like us in front of Kael because they think we won’t tell him that they are horrible when he’s not looking.”

Mikiyo’s eyebrows rose at the informal use of Prince Kael’s name but said nothing. Instead, he replied amusedly, “A test then?”

“Sort of.” a voice behind him said. Mikiyo jumped at the foreign voice and turned. There stood Prince Kael leaning against the pillar, lips pulled into a half smile half grimace. The effect was quite weird. But Mikiyo did notice that the Prince did have a nice voice that sent warm shivers down his spine.

“Ah, interesting. Did you know, I’ve never failed a test before.” Mikiyo said offhandedly, somewhat bragging as he turned back to the children after a glance at the pale Prince.

A snort sounded from Kael and then, “Do you want to see the nursery?”

Mikiyo perked up immediately. Babies were his favourite. It was probably an omega thing but Mikiyo was quite certain that he would still love them anyway. He stood up and followed eagerly as Kael led the way. They came to a small room with a woman inside doing paperwork.

“Hey Helena, come meet this week’s Omega,” Kael said, his voice had a slightly bitter undertone to it.

“Prince Kael! Manners!” she scolded. “Now don’t you mind him, dear. Kael here is a very sweet boy once you get to know him.”

Mikiyo couldn’t help raising his eyebrows sceptically. He glanced at Kael and caught the prince staring at him. Mikiyo flushed and looked away. “I’m sure he is,” he said in reply.

“So Helena, any babies?” Kael asked cheerfully, as though nothing happened just now.

“Oh yes, there’s one in the nursery right now. Poor thing, both parents were lost in an accident and she won’t stop crying. I left her to calm down on her own,” she sighed. “Sometimes, they just need to be left alone to calm down.”

Mikiyo frowned. He had to see this baby now. The poor thing needed comfort. “Where is she?” he demanded. But Kael just took his hand and pulled him into another room where a cot was with a sniffling baby in it. Mikiyo instantly pulled out of Kael’s grasp and went to pick the baby up. He cuddled her to his chest as she sniffled some more. “Oh, you poor baby. It’s okay, I’ve got you now.” he cooed, nuzzling her cheek. She stopped sniffling and fell asleep within minutes, cradled securely in Mikiyo’s arms. Kael stood leaning against the wall, watching the Omega with a soft smile. Mikiyo gently placed baby Eli in the cot and stepped back quietly so as not to wake the baby. He turned to look at Kael and blushed a little when he saw the soft smile on Kael’s face.

“Come on,” he said quietly. “Let’s go.”

Kael pushed off the wall. It was a mistake because his head swam. He pressed a palm to his forehead and closed his eyes, swaying a little. Somehow, he managed to force himself out the door. The Omega was in front of him, happily moving along, not realising that Kael was about to collapse. Kael made it all the way to the entrance of the orphanage, his vision swimming with dark spots. Kael’s knees buckled and he collapsed on the ground. Everything was dark.

No reposting without crediting please.

This story will eventually contain explicit sexual content. Do not read if it is not your cup of tea.


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