The Prince and the Pea: 3

Mikiyo was feeling really bad. Most people who met him only saw what he allowed them to see, which was a cold and precise person who didn’t seem to have feelings. But he knew better, his past made him insecure about showing affection, it took a long time for him to open up to his Oba Chan and Oba San. Right now, he feeling guilty for slicing the highwayman’s arm. He really hadn’t meant to. It’s just that he had grown uncomfortable at staring into the man’s eyes for so long, he didn’t think, just pushed. He winced when he remembered how deep he had cut into the man’s arm. Stitches were definitely necessary. As a result of the incident, he arrived at the castle too distracted and had probably committed a faux pas when he greeted the Queen. The Queen had only smiled and chalked it up to exhaustion of travelling, then sent him up to his assigned chambers to rest.

Mikiyo left his guards to get settled in and went to his room after having a bowl of soup as a light meal, having decided to take the Queen’s advice into consideration and rest. He tossed and turned on his bed, unable to get comfortable. The bed was lumpy like there was something underneath. Finally getting up, he pulled off the covers, shaking them out. Out dropped a pea, no wait, two– no three peas. He threw the covers back onto the bed and picked the peas up. Mikiyo furrowed his brows in confusion. Peas? Why were there peas in his bed? He placed the peas on the table beside his bed and climbed back into bed, he would deal with the peas tomorrow.


The next morning, Mikiyo went through his daily morning routine and then made his way to the dining hall for breakfast with the Queen and Prince Kael. He took his time admiring the portraits lining the castle corridors, one hand brushing against the wall as he walked and the other in his pocket feeling the peas. The peas were still a mystery.

The Queen was already seated by the time he got to the dining hall and he rushed over to his seat, cheeks pink in embarrassment for making the Queen wait, much to the Queen’s amusement. It was only after he was seated did Mikiyo realise that Prince Kael wasn’t here yet. He supposed that meant he couldn’t begin eating yet. Pity, he was feeling quite ravenous this morning. Mikiyo sat there, planning his breakfast, which basically meant what he going to eat first. He did intend to try everything. Oba Chan always said he ate like there was no tomorrow. As he was thinking, the doors opened and in came the Prince. He looked up and there Prince Kael was, leaning into the door and oh so pale. Not the pale creamy looking kind of skin but rather sickly looking pale skin. He looks so sick, Mikiyo thought, just like the highwayman would be if he hadn’t gotten proper treatment on his wound. Mikiyo’s eyes widened, the highwayman! And all the guilt came crashing back down on him like a tidal wave.


Kael was feverish. He was aware that he probably looked like death due to the loss of blood and lack of proper treatment. His wound was probably going to get infected if he didn’t do something about it soon. Unfortunately, he couldn’t. Right now, he had a breakfast with the Queen and current omega-in-residence to attend. He dressed as best as he could with his right arm since his left arm made him want to scream in pain with every movement. He stumbled his way to the dining hall, leaning heavily into the door frame when he finally got there after an eternity of stumbling through corridors. He mumbled a greeting to his mother when he got there and practically collapsed in his seat. The Omega was looking at him but he couldn’t care less, too busy concentrating on his pain. God, he felt like shit.

Unknown to both Princes, the Queen was silently watching them. She could see the Omega, Mikiyo, staring quite intently at Kael. There was something in his eyes, it looked like guilt? Kael just looked sick.

“Good morning, Kael.” the Queen greeted him. Kael mumbled something in reply and went to his seat. The Queen raised an eyebrow at the sight before her. Interesting, she thought, he’s not protesting or trying to tease the Omega. “Shall we?”

At that, they all reached for the utensils on the table and dug in. Or at least Mikiyo was. Kael was just pushing food around on his plate. The Queen watched a little gobsmacked as Mikiyo proceeded to clean his plate and then fill up again to polish it off once more. Even Kael didn’t eat that much and Kael ate a lot. Speaking of which, Kael had barely touched his food.

“Did you boys sleep well last night?” the Queen asked, which was code for ‘why do you look like you’re about to die?’ for Kael and ‘Did you really sleep well last night?’ for Mikiyo.

Kael just grunted and Mikiyo smiled radiantly and replied that he slept well last night. The Queen frowned inwardly in disappointment, another Omega that failed the test. She tuned back into whatever Mikiyo was saying just in time to hear, “-Although, I did find something in my bed last night.” Maybe there was hope after all.

“Oh my, what did you find Prince Mikiyo?”

“Oh just Mikiyo is fine,” he said shyly, then reached into his pocket to pull something out. “I did find these in my bed. I couldn’t sleep until I took these out.”

The Queen leant forward, as did Kael. Both eager to see what Mikiyo had in his hand. Mikiyo uncurled his fingers and there lay three emerald green peas. The Queen clapped her hands in delight and Kael just looked confused. Mikiyo was looking at her as thought she was crazy though.

“Oh um, those are peas.” the Queen said in lieu of an explanation to the Omega.

“I am aware of that,” Mikiyo said slowly, Kael looked on curiously despite his sickly complexion.

“They were supposed to be for breakfast?” she offered.

Mikiyo blinked at her. “But there’s only three peas.”

She scoffed. “My eyes are perfectly fine, Mikiyo. Obviously one is for you, the second for Kael and the third for me.”

Mikiyo stared owlishly at her, “Okay, but I found these in my bed.”

“They were marinating.” she simply told with the regality of a queen.

“They were marinating,” he repeated. “In my bed.”

“Yes and now, they will be brought to the kitchens to be stuffed.”

Mikiyo couldn’t make sense of whatever was happening. He was so lost. The Queen looked like every word that left her mouth was completely sane and Prince Kael was of no help. In fact, the Prince was blinking at him, probably unaware of what’s going on.

“Okay,” he said. “I’ll just go, and practice with my, uh, with my katana.” Mikiyo got up and began to back out of the room. Unfortunately, the Queen had one more thing to say.

“Oh, how wonderful! Take Kael with you.”

Mikiyo only just managed to stop himself from looking desperately at the doors but he had to get out of here so he agreed. Maybe he could ditch the Prince. Prince Kael got up to follow him, skin still pale but slightly coloured after eating at least a little at breakfast. Mikiyo began to plan his escape.

No reposting without crediting please.

This story will eventually contain sexually explicit content. Do not read if it is not your cup of tea.


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