A letter

She waited for them.

Waited for the pieces of parchment enclosed in carefully folded paper with her address and a stamp from whichever part of the world her precious papers had come from. Carefully, she peeled it open. Drawing the pieces inside, out into the pool of light on her desk. She unfolded them, eyes glinting as she smiled in amusement at the lives of her strangers.

Already, she was planning her reply. Answering the questions in her head and thinking of what little trinket or goodie she could include. A polaroid? Stickers? Whatever it was, she hoped it would be appreciated.

Cartography was hard to keep up these day, as people grew less interested in penning the lives for strangers. What few strangers she had, she treasured. But their numbers had dwindled to a meagre two. But still, she kept writing. It was always worth the wait.

No reposting without crediting please.

If anyone wants to be my pen pal, my contact email is on this website.


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